Have you heard about the phenomenon of anоnymous pоker tables? The name itself suggests that the game involves a certain degree of anonymity and confidentiality. In other words, you do not have the usual nickname, reputation, nobody here will recognize you and your statistics are not kept. In such a game, HUD is not supported in any way, and you can only play at one table (fans and multi-tabbing virtuosos will probably be a little disappointed), and such a phenomenon as massive grind, as well as keeping notes on other players is completely excluded. At the same time, according to experienced anоnymous players, you are unlikely to connect anоnymous tables with regular tables. No, you, of course, can try to play simultaneously in several poker rooms that provide the service of playing anоnymous tables, but, as the experience of the players shows, this is a rather expensive and not easy task. Can I make money on poker on anonymous tables? If we analyze all the games, as well as the results of such games, then we can surely say that you can make money on such a game, moreover, there are often fish or a type of poker at such tables, you can easily get your extra Edge, that’s only if you expect to score a distance on such an anonymous game – then you will hardly succeed.
On the other features of anonymous poker tables will tell you our publication …
Game safety at the anonymous table
Of course, reflecting on the topic of winning and making money at anonymous tables, you are interested in the question of the safety of the game. Well, let’s not hide, the risk of facing the phenomenon of not playing a fair game is big enough. And, since the history of distributions is not preserved, it is simply impossible to try to catch your opponents sitting at the same table with your opponents in softplay or timpley. Moreover, the chances of bumping into a grid of bots, which simply can not win – also great. True, all is not so bad. Poker rooms offering such a service as playing at anonymous tables still care about the safety of their players, therefore they save and analyze databases that they collect from such a game. As for the statistics of complaints, then, as practice shows, there were still no cases of dishonest play, or simply no one has applied on this matter.