Gambling poker players cannot defeat. And if they lose, then, as a rule, a lot and at one time. But the path to victory goes through the skill of being an outsider. If a player does not learn to lose and accept his losses, he will never be able to reach the winning peaks.
When you cannot lose without risking every dollar you asked for, borrowed or stole to step over fatigue, not rising from the card table for more than two days, you can start to get rid of the bankroll momentarily. Anyway, it will inevitably happen.
Selfishness and greed are obviously close relatives, although they are not the same. Sooner or later, selfishness will be satisfied, while it will never happen with greed. Greed requires all the time more and more. Poker players who act under its influence cannot win for one reason – they cannot say to themselves: “Stop!”. If there is even the slightest chance to win something, they will continue to play.
A grave and constant mistake is the desire to win all the banks you enter. And if the last chance to win comes down to a bluff on the river with one in a million opportunities to win, then the player can be taken either for the insane, or as a person absorbed in greed.
It is commendable if you want to become the player with the highest poker winnings. But madly want to be the only such player. Take care of your share, multiply it, but do not forget the truth about sharing with others. And always.
Brave conquer the city. But no one will ever say that about the greedy. There are many reasons for this. The entire history of poker around the world is full of the stories of those players who were eager to get everything, although, sometimes they almost had everything. Wanting such and such a fate is the most popular way to stay with nothing. And many poker players already know this.